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Come check out the PIKESPEARING.COM booth 3111 at the Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit in Novi Thursday, January 10th through Sunday the 13th.  Lots of spearing and fishing gear on display and for sale.  Great show specials as well.  Keith will also be giving his Pike Under Ice video seminar on Thursday and Saturday.  We hope to see you there!

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Watch as Keith & Jordan spear some pike and a few perch  on Michigan Out Of Doors TV.   If your out of state or missed the broadcast you can always watch the episode on their website by clicking here

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WOW!!  We have received some pictures of some Monster FISH!!  To many folks to name but thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your pics on our Facebook page.  If you have pics of your catch please post them on our page!  Congrats to all!!

Be sure to check out Keith's interview on Wild Michigan Radio with Duran Martinez.  They are talking all things Pike Spearing!

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Click here to listen to Keith's interview with Druan Martinez on Wild Michigan Radio.  The guys are talking all things Pike Spearing!


Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth in Novi. It was great catching up with a lot of folks! Also, thank you to everyone who purchased our products. I am expecting to see some pictures soon!! If you missed out and still need to get your hands on our products your at the right place!! Last but not least, special thanks to ShowSpan Inc for putting on a great show as always. See you out on the ice!!-Keith

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What a great end to a long spearing season!!  The pictures have been pouring in!!  Below are just a few!  I am starting a new line of soft water pike fishing baits & tackle.   Thank you to everyone for your support this spearing season!!  I'm already looking forward to next year!! 

Speaking of PIKEKILLA LURES, Dusty Compton caught this absolute jaw dropper using a tip-up with a Red & White PikeKilla Lure!!  What a beast!  Congrats Dusty!

Things are heating up inside the spear shacks too!!!  The best fishing and spearing is yet to come!!!

Folks are doing great this season with the PikeKilla Products!  Send us your successful pictures or post them to our FaceBook Page!! Good luck on the ice!!  You can get your PikeKilla Products at our online store.
  Terry Sheilds                        Beth Ambler                   Jack Harris & Friend

          Matt Schriber              Matt Cook         Dakota Smith          Evan Adler

                        Dusty Compton                         Keith Stanton



We have a bunch of new products available this season to help you be more successful out on the ice. Be sure to keep us posted on YOUR season via our Facebook page.  More updates & products coming soon!!  Good luck on the ice!!

Jordan Brown Spearing a dandy! 
As seen on Michigan Out of Doors TV

Left- Jordan Brown from Michigan Out Of Doors TV with a dandy 37 incher.  His first Northern on a spear!!  Right- Keith Stanton with a hungry 34 incher caught jig fishing with a PikeKilla Lure.   More pictures on our facebook page.  Check them out and post your pics as well! 

What a way to end the year!!  On the last day of season Keith got into another good one using the PK Yellow Decoy!

Below- Sucess with the PK Decoys


Below- Brother and sister team Jeff Curtis and Beth Ambler with a couple of dandy Northerns from a day trip last season. 

After several trips on the ice Alexa Stanton finally speared her first pike!  And it was a dandy.  Watch for the video to be on the Pike Under Ice 5 DVD.  Congrats Alexa!!

The PikeKilla Lure has been hot on tip ups as of late!
(Left) Larry Harris- 38 incher caught on a tip up with a PKL, (Middle) Hunter with a 37.5 incher caught on a  tip up with a FireTiger PKL. (Right) Larry Harris with fish number two of the day on a tip up with a PKL.

  Be sure to check out Keith's interview on Druan Martinez's Wild Michigan Outdoor Radio ShowClick here to listen to the Pod Cast

Look at this HOGGGG!!!!

Terry Sheilds from MN pictured with a 44 inch 29lb Piggy!  Congrats Terry on an absolute monster.  You can see more pics and submit your own on the Facebook Page.



It was great seeing and talking with everyone that the Novi Ultimate Fishing Show. Things did get a little crazy at the show on Sunday when the Tilted Kilt Girls stopped by the booth.  Keith made it out unscathed!
Also, thanks to everyone who has "liked" the Facebook page.  Pictures of some HOG pike have been posted. 

PikeTeam Member from Minnesota, Ben Lehto's shack has been hot this season! Ben is pictured with his 41 inch 19lber speared over one of Norm Seegert's buzz blade decoys.  Ben also put a couple of new comers on the ice and they speared two monsters 15 minutes apart.  Jeannie's fish was 42 inches and Nick's was 39!  Not bad for their first ever speared pike!  See more photos of Ben, Jeannie and Nick in the Gallery.

More Ladies into spearfishing

Beth Ambler (right) stopped by the booth at the Ultimate Fishing show.  Turns out all the ladies in her family enjoy spear fishing.  Beth's sister Nancy (left) is also an avid spear fishing fanatic as is their mother Rosalind. You can view more pictures of Beth, Nancy and Rosalind in the Gallery